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The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting (didn't know they could use computers did you?).  The cherry trees and the Japanese plums have already shed their blossoms.   It's supposed to get to 85 degrees today, but I'll believe that when I feel it.  It's starting to be time to sit out on the porch, or go to the park with a blanket and my volume of Marlowe or Shakespeare and read them aloud.

I changed out my wardrobe over 3 weeks ago, and of course it turned cold then.  But now maybe the warmth will stick around.  The cats are all outside, hunting small things in the grass.  The other day Dr. Livingston brought in a dead bird.  She was very proud of herself, as you'd expect her to be.  "Here, look at this great gift I've brought you!"  We all said, "Good girl!" while Stephen dumped it in the garbage and washed his hands.  Of course we don't like the idea of killing birds, but cats will kill birds, and they expect praise for this activity.  It's in the union rules.

The mimosa tree in the front yard has not yet leaved.  I don't know if there are even leaf buds on the branches.

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I was using this blog or journal to comment upon nature.  But since I no longer belong to the ADF, this blog shall be devoted to my writing.
Also, magick and cats.  Right now, we have 3 females, two spayed, and the 3rd will be spayed when she's old enough.  All three of us believe in spaying or neutering.  It breaks my heart to think of all the kittens and puppes that have to be euthanized each year because homes cannot be found for them.  It's better to prevent litters in the first place.  After she's spayed, Aphrodite will get to go outside to hunt bugs in the grass, too, become a mighty huntress.  This is the 3rd blog I've written today.  I do me believe I'm all blogged out, so this shall be a short entry.

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Here I am five years later, without a publisher.  You see, Peggy folded up FireDrake's Weyr in 2009, because she was physically and emotionally exhausted after caring for her cantankerous father, who died later that year, and fearing another MS flare-up, her husband suggested she close down the site and focus on her health.  She did that, and while I understand her reasons for doing it, I wish she'd open it up again.  My writing has been desultory at best.  I have been working on a book about the Tarot, but am now at a point which I'm dreading and have been putting off, that of inputting the game The Tarot and the Tree.  If you saw the 3 ring binder It's in, you'd see why I dread it so.

Camp NaNoWriMo is in July, and I'm planning to finish 2 books during that time; Cosmic Cop, and Dolphins with Hands. Now that I've rediscovered this blog, I'll try to keep it up better. 

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Well, it's spring again.  The trees are budding, some have already bloomed, and shed their blossoms.  My nose an sinuses know it, because I'm stuffed up, I'm sneezing, and my nose runs occasionally, mostly in the morning and evening.  The grass is green, and needs to be mowed.  I love the scent of chlorophyll in the air.  Eventually I'll be called upon to pull weeds from around the day lilies.  The birds are nesting, and singing up a storm.  I haven't been embroidering lately, or I'd have some cotton embroidery floss ends to give the birds for their nests.

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This morning I made an offering to the Titan Saturn, the Great Manifester.  I had wondered what He would like,
and tried to find some ADFers whose hearth was Roman, then it came to me.  He'd like green olives and wheat
beer.  This made sense to me, since He was the farmers' God, and what was grown in Italy?  I bought pimento
stuffed green olives at FoodsCo, and a German wheat beer at BevMO.  I also found a mead there that I hope
is real mead, and not just white wine with honey added.  This made me believe that He blessed my

I made the offering at a bit after ten this morning (all times given are PST).  He got the entire bottle of beer,
but we shared the olives with Him.  I figure that the birds will eat the olives.  I made the offering by the fig
tree, where Inky is buried.  I also read to Him an Orphic hymn to Him that I had gotten off the Internet,
and printed out.  This will become part of this yearly tradition, and asked that He gran my boon, win the
Publisher's ClearingHouse Sweepstakes.  

There was a fine mist, and I felt very satisfied to have done this.  If He grants my boon, the offering will
be more extravagant next year. 

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Waiting for the Rain

I’m waiting for the rain

Yes, I’m waiting for the rain to come to my town.

The chill is rife in the air

Birds take shelter under the eaves

And in the branches

Of the trees of our yard.

Over south of us

I know it’s thunderin’

Just now I’m wonderin’

When the rain will come to us.

Tegwedd ShadowDancer October 11th, 2012

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While returning to the house from changing the position of the sprinkler,  I saw a hummingbird.  I watched it dart among the pomegranate blossoms for a few minutes.  It sat on the wire for a few seconds looking at me.  I wonder if it had a message for me, and what it is.  I have to tell Ladyoflov, my shamanism teacher.

I petted and scritched Putty Bear earlier.  He was cooperative.  Cats are such sensual creatures.  There are green walnuts on the ground.  The mimosa tree has lost just about all of its blossoms.  I would tell Lindsay if I weren't so ticked off at her.

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While taking one of my many rest periods from raking yesterday, I saw a bird alight on the porch railing to my left.  It had blue and gray feathers.  If it had had a head crest, I would have said it were a blue jay, but without the crest, I don't know what kind of bird it was.  It hopped to the front railing, then flew to one of our young trees.  I never was much of a bird watcher, but this nature awareness thing is giving me the urge to find out the identity of both birds and plants.

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I got up very early this a.m. and heard the chirping of the birds outside.
From the reading I've done, they chirp for three reasons:
1) To say to the other male birds "This is my territory, and this/these
is/are my female(s)."
2) to say to the female(s): "Hey, my pretty little bird, come over and see the 
beautiful nest I've made for you!  Want me to dance for you?  Look at my
beautiful tail feathers!"
3)  Later after the nest has been established:  "I'm going out for food to feed our
nestlings.  What kind of takeout do you all want?"

There may be more.  reasons why they sing.  I'll have to do more research on it.

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Len and I changed my Userpic for the vainest of reasons. I had just
finished making this tam, and I think I look slimmer in this pic.

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